Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blood The Last Vampire Part 1

Blood the Last Vampire.. Yippeeee!! I love the anime version of this one. In the end, in this movie she killed her own mother who is crazy annihilating the fragile humans.. I wish they would make another movie where she will have to face her long lost twin sister.. & some of her sister's Cavaliers is in love with her long time ago and will take her side instead and so on and so forth. Its definitely going to have a lot of twists and I like that!!! I love to see their Cavaliers to be as handsome as that of the anime!! I cant wait for that movie!!! I can still remember the story line on the anime. Her sister has given birth to a healthy baby that makes her blood less potent to kill Blood. Well, in this Vampire movie they use their blood to kill their vampire enemies like a poison. In the end, she'll have to take care of her sister's baby...

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